hello! welcome to eclipse. this is my vps that i run things on.

sites here

  • laker.tech
  • fuckoff.laker.tech, a reminder to people who need it
  • laker.gay :3
  • services here

  • fedi.laker.tech, my Iceshrimp instance.
  • git.laker.tech, where i should keep all my source code
  • restricted (friends, ask me for access)

  • FreshRSS
  • Minecraft and Terraria servers
  • The Lounge for IRC
  • FAQ

  • What web-server do you use? Caddy!
  • What VPS is this? A Contabo small VPS, hosted in the UK.
  • Why is this page so bare? i've got other things to do m8
  • powered by debian! and kissing girls :3